I had heard that Tawnya is a gifted coach, a counselor with psychic abilities.  Now that several weeks have passed since our session, I can say most emphatically that it was truly an amazing experience.  Let me begin by mentioning that I am selling a small business I have worked my entire life to build (130 employees, all of whom I really like).  I've been married for 45 years.  I'm successful and healthy.  Call it a mid-life crisis but I've been confused.  What has it all meant and what do I really want to do the rest of my life?  well, she got me in touch it would seem with my soul.  The real me.  The me I had to a degree lost touch with in all the business of my life.  There were tears.  There was laughter.  It was an amazing journey and I only now see why it's called soul coaching and auric clearing.  I feel like I was given the greatest gift of my life.  I know more than ever who I am and what I want out of my remaining years.  She was indeed psychic in many ways.  Having probably too many personal and business coaches over the years, her actual suggestions or insights were comparatively brilliant.  At times, it was as if she knew me better than I did.  The end result is that I walk with a bit more spring in my step.  I feel like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders.  I am forever grateful for her gift.  Her ability to really help one dig into who they really are, to get to one's own personal why behind it all, is astounding.  All I can say is go for it.  You will be very glad you did.  -Hank

For my friends who feel like they need a boost in their life, I encourage you to connect with my friend Tawnya Love.  In my visit with her last week she was able to help me release the gunk and clogged energy that had built up in my body.  I feel clear and focused and am ready for the rest of 2018 and beyond!  My big takeaway is not to wait so long between visits -- I have no better words than that she is extraordinarily tuned-in and magical!  I highly recommend booking a session with her.  -Vanessa D.

I have utilized Tawnya for numerous services over the past 3 years including healing services, workshops, yoga and as an intuitive coach.  Tawnya has done an amazing job of assisting me on the path to awakening.  Only in the past couple years did I become aware of my intuitive gifts and Tawnya has always been able to assist me with just the right messages and guidance.  Tawnya has assisted me in my challenges with anything from friends, family, health and work to my sick grandmother in the hospital.  She’s honest, dependable, funny and generous and always knows what I need most.  When our session is over, I’m happy, hopeful and ready for anything and I know that if I stumble, she’ll be there to help me without judgment.  -Cindy

How do I express the powerful work I have done with Tawnya?  She is Absolutely amazing and gifted and I feel so grateful that my angels and guides brought her into me life and that I had the courage to start working with her.  I have healed so much on a physical level,emotional level and in my family since working with Tawnya Love every couple weeks.  I have had over 5 Angelic Auric Clearings that I must say are better and more effective than 20 years of therapy.  Words truly can not express my Love and appreciation for having such and incredible and loving soul sister in my life. Thank You so much Tawnya Love your name says it all!  -J.B.

Tawnya is a Rare Individual that has the Capacity to TAP-IN to another's Higher Self or Soul in such a way as to Give Impeccable Guidance, of not only choosing Best Life Path but also HOW to Empower Oneself & Tap-In Individually w/o Outside Assistance--Ie., Teaching others how to Balance their Mind with Living MORE from their HEART....Her Intuition & Kind-Gentleness is absolutely Authentic, as though one is conversing & working with their long-lost BEST FRIEND....There Really is nobody quite like her!  I Highly recommend.  -WB

Tawnya is absolutely wonderful, I can't stress it enough.  After a session with her, I have always felt very relaxed and grounded.  She has helped me work through a lot of sadness and anxiety surrounding the loss of my horse.  She is a very caring and compassionate healer, her energy is a powerful one that helped me immensely in my time of need.  Thank you Tawnya!!!  -Stephanie F.

Thank You universe for bringing Tawnya into my life.  Just in divine timing I needed this wonderful soul to light my way to another Blessed awakening.  My heart is full in a way that I can't put into words.  I'm so thankful that our connections bring us together so that we can lead each other home.  Thank You Tawnya Love for your confirmations and guidance today.  You truly touched my soul and lit a candle for my path.  I can see my Dad smiling again.  I felt moved to share with everyone that our connections and love is working.  Blessed Be  -Gina Gravatt

Tawnya Love is by far the first counselor/therapist I have ever met who genuinely cares for the person she's trying to help.  Most therapists will simply ask you to talk about your pain over and over without ever really giving you a solid solution, and they'll just boot you out as soon as your time slot is finished.  They work for money only, and I've never actually felt aided by therapists I've gone to see, or respected by school counselors and such.  Tawnya is different.  She cares deeply for every person she helps, regardless of if she's even met them before (referring to remote sessions).  She truly wants what is best for you; she never holds any ill will toward others and you never feel like she's looking down on you for your troubles.  She listens while you talk about what's bothering you, and afterward, she gives you helpful advice on how to solve the problems and become a better person.  I have gone through a lot of trials in my life:  Leaving people who I "should" be seeing as family and stay loyal to despite their abuse, getting over my insecurities and need for control and constant attention, ridding myself of guilt over things I needn't blame myself for.  Recently, she even helped me get to the root of some suicidal thoughts I've had in the past.  Tawnya is, in my opinion, the best therapist one could ever have, and it's because she's not just a therapist.  She gets to the soul root of the issue and helps you to clear it; she doesn't just make you talk about it all the time all the time.  If you feel like you're ready for intense - and I mean INTENSE - shifts, Tawnya is the person to go to for guidance.  -Catherine L.

It’s funny how life can switch gears on us.  We think everything is status quo, and then events take place that throw us off and we wonder when things will ever improve....But I know now that they switch on us for our benefit - we just don’t know it at the time.  I found that out the day I met Tawnya.  Actually, in all honesty I was positively and ultimately affected by Tawnya BEFORE I even met her.  I was struggling. I had been forced to deal with a move (stressful enough) right in the midst of other stressful events of family illnesses, conflict in other areas of my life, and I wasn’t coping very well.  Out of character for me, I relayed my frustrations to a friend during an email exchange.  During that conversation, my friend mentioned that he was close with someone named Tawnya and that she was an angelic healer and she could help me.  I didn’t really fathom what she could possibly do since I had never met her, but I thanked him and we left it at that.  Little did I know that my life was about to change forever. The very same day, I was feeling so utterly lost and alone that I withdrew from everything and sat in silence, practically paralyzed with depression - when suddenly, I started to feel such an amazing peace and love – it enveloped me.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before; a divine light had surrounded me and embraced me in a loving hug from the inside out. I knew that I wasn’t the one manifesting the experience and as certain as I’m sitting here, I also knew in that moment that I had been given this gift of peace from Tawnya.  I had just experienced a remote angelic clearing before I even knew what it was called.  At that moment in time, I felt the beginnings of my SHIFT. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tawnya some weeks later and from that time, I’ve had so many other amazing moments in her presence and I’ve learned so much!  Before meeting her, I was always aware that I was on the cusp of an internal shift but was unsure and even afraid to embrace it; feeling adrift.  Through Tawnya’s gentle love and guidance, she has been assisting me in tapping into my own power and finding my life’s purpose!  I’m in awe of what I’ve discovered as I’ve learned to listen to what the universe has in store for me, much more at peace with myself, and thereby setting the stage for bringing forth what I need and want in this life to succeed.  Enter stage left: a stronger, happier, more capable me in greater awareness.  What’s even more amazing is that people around me have become cognizant of my SHIFT. That has allowed me to affect them in love and light and that is truly a powerful feeling…I am currently experiencing life at several OMG’s per minute and I cannot express the gratitude for Tawnya’s knowledge, time, generosity of spirit and unwavering support. Tawnya has helped me in SO many ways to dump the fear and confusion of my purpose, and she CAN help you to transform as well.  She gives wholly from the heart and is ready to assist anyone who is willing and wanting to SHIFT.  She has the ability to bring your worth and potential to light…And, she desires for you to acknowledge and embrace abundance which is the outcome of living aligned.  Her gifts and generosity of spirit are rare and beautiful qualities so desperately needed on this planet!  Thank you, Tawnya Love.  You are an angel; a beacon of truth, love, light and a gift to this world.  -Anonymous

I cannot express how grateful I am to Tawnya Love and the angels for assisting me on my spirit journey.  About 3 months ago, I was in the process of soul searching and finding my true self.  I was given guidance to attend the Sacred Women's Circle held by Tawnya Love. I was very fortunate that she did not get as many RSVP's as usual for her that day; Just a few beautiful souls were feeling the call, but sometimes as many as 20 people can show up.  Because of this, she was able to spend one-on-one time with me and she offered me one of her "mini" clearing and healing sessions.  My cords were cut (other people's unwanted energy that was still attached to my soul) and I was able to clearly see the source of pain in my life.  I had something that had been holding me back my entire life and this was the first time I was ever able to see it.  Tawnya and the Angels helped me heal a deep seated trauma that occurred just prior to my birth in this incarnation.  After this, she helped me call back all the parts of my soul back to myself in this current incarnation.  I literally felt my soul return into the sacred space of my heart.  There was a sudden deep inhale, like when you've been underwater for a very long time and you first come up for air. From that moment, the angels came to me and began assisting me in my daily life.  It took a few weeks for this to become apparent (I needed to process everything that happened).  Synchronicities started to happen continuously and kept increasing over these last few months.  Everything from seeing repeating # sequences everyday over and over (1111, 222, 1121, etc.), to having wild animals approach me with kindness (no fear) in nature, to having times at the river when butterflies would land on me over and over during the course of a few hours.  My interactions with everyone became more informed and now I have been able to increase the power of my own meditations and the Reiki healing that I do. During this process, I lost a job that was no longer serving me only to land the job of my dreams!  The icing on the cake is that I was able to communicate directly with the angels myself during a recent healing retreat out in nature.  I sent out my prayers for healing the Earth and all of her creatures.  Now in my everyday experience I am personally witnessing the healing of all of those I love around me, my family and close friends.  We are all healing in this process and it is beautiful to watch it unfold.  I don't believe I could have ever reached the wonderful place of peace and bliss in my life without the help of Tawnya Love and the Angels.  She was able to bring back to life something deep within myself that I thought was lost forever.  I am eternally grateful and humble to this experience and to all my future experiences.  Thank you so much Tawnya!  It is such amazing work that you do!  Infinite Blessings.  -Raina

Going into the clearing, I was not sure what to expect. I had never heard of an auric clearing before and was not sure of its purpose. I decided to try it out because I trust Tawnya and the work she does. She had me lie down on a massage table and breathe into a meditation-like state. During the clearing, I stayed in a calm and peaceful state and Tawyna moved slowly around my body listening to what she was being shown. She never physically touched me or said anything out loud, but I could tell something was happening to me.  After the clearing, Tawnya took me through each of my chakras and explained to me what the angels were showing her that were relevant to that particular chakra. She validated the experience to me because the things she was saying were 100% accurate. She was even able to pick up minor details such as a friend’s hair color who she had never met, nor had I ever spoken about. Throughout our relationship, Tawnya and I have kept things fairly professional but suddenly she was speaking to me about things from my childhood that I had never even mentioned to her. I knew right away that she was the real deal and that this clearing was legit.  Immediately following my clearing my state of mind was 100% better. One of the things that the clearing had helped me with was eliminating the “noise” of my busy mind. I used to always have something on my mind and I would often feel like my mind was at its capacity. After the clearing my mind felt at peace and quiet. Even now, 3 weeks after my clearing the busyness of my mind is greatly reduced and I am able to look at things with a higher awareness. Another thing that this clearing has helped me with is feeling more confident and caring less about others’ opinions of me. I have always been paranoid that people didn’t like me or liked the way I look but I can honestly say now that I do not care anymore. I am happy with myself and have realized that if someone doesn’t like me or the way I look that it is their problem, not mine. Without the clearing and heightened awareness the clearing brought to me, I would have never looked at that situation in that light.  I have absolutely no regrets about doing the clearing and it is worth every penny! I am very grateful for what the clearing and Tawnya’s abilities have done for my mental health and self-esteem. Thank you Tawnya, you’re an angel!  -Anonymous

I first met Tawnya on my online television show, Reawaken Your Brilliance.  I always notice people who make excellent commentary and add to the discussion I am having with a guest.  We connected shortly afterwards.  I had never heard of angelic clearings and thought my audience would be interested and I asked her to be a guest expert on my show.  Tawnya suggested I have one so I would be able to talk about my experience when interviewing her. This was done long distance, which was very convenient for me.  My instructions were simple: lie down and be quiet.  I remember feeling very peaceful before falling asleep. My cat Joey joined me on the bed as he loves anything with higher vibrations!  Tawyna later told me her cat joined in the healing and she was surprised but we figured out why when we spoke afterwards. When I woke I felt a loving presence in my room.   I then called Tawyna to discuss the clearing and information form the angels. I was blown away by what Tawyna told me.  Despite my strong beliefs, I always retain a small amount of skepticism based not only on my own experiences but when I have seen the damage done to others by dishonest practitioner. Tawyna explained in great detail what was going on during the session.  For example, Archangel Michael pulling out some lower vibrations/dark energy in specific areas of my body. Tawnya’s information was spot on and confirmed some things I had been feeling but couldn’t quite articulate.  She was able to bring some disparate thoughts I had been having and then weave them together to make sense.  More importantly, Tawyna relayed information in specific areas of my life along with exercises and suggestions to work on myself.  I love getting healings, but I know I need to continue to do the work, so having a detailed game plan that is easy to understand and follows helps. Tawyna is non-judgmental in her work and really wants to see you succeed.  Having an angelic clearing helped me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would recommend to anyone to try! If you have been feeling stuck, looking for some guidance or if your life is not quite what you want it to be, this is an excellent way to get started!  -Julie Coraccio

Before I got this Auric clearing from Tawnya I was feeling very heavy inside, like I was carrying a ton of emotional baggage in which some were not even mine, just bad energies my auric field decided to hold onto me from being so sensitive. Which really built up over 4 months. I felt like I was far away from myself, that Ali wasn’t here anymore, that I was on autopilot everyday not really awake or alive, just going through the motions. Being aware that you’re doing that and that feeling not going away, is honestly kind of frightening. I just wanted to snap out of the “trance” it felt like I was strongly stuck in. I also felt like I had been veering from the path of alignment and was starting to think and feel very very negative on things again, especially myself, I’ve learned from Tawnya and already from this clearing how important it is to love and take care of you, it’s a vital thing in this human life, you are what gets you through it and being negative on yourself not only makes you feel miserable inside but it effects your external reality as well. The universe is going to give you what you are, so embody LOVE and watch your whole world change in the most positive way possible. That’s what Tawnya has taught & done for me, she restored the love inside and steered me right back onto that beautiful aligned path. Afterwards I felt like the dark shadow that was cast over me had disappeared and the suffocating feeling I was having from all of the emotional pain that all the external things (that I had definitely drawn to myself) was gone. But not only that, that was just step 1 clearing that negativity from my auric field, it felt like a soul revival, I was awakened again. Ali came back into my human body, I could function consciously now it was a “whoa” feeling no more of the autopilot robot. It felt like my mind, body, and soul were all joyously reconnected. I’m smiling while typing this because of how happy and grateful I am to feel good and full of love/light again. There’s a difference between just existing and being alive, and I haven’t felt more before Tawnya helped me with an auric clearing! So grateful for you Tawnya!  -Ali

I am 38 years old & have lived long enough to know that Life is not always easy.  In fact, not just this Lifetime, but multiple past lives have certainly included many broken hearts, physical and/or emotional pain, suffering, and even trauma.  I have learned that although the accumulation of these experiences inherently reside in the past, their Epigenetic-Cellular Memory carries forward into this Lifetime.  It is therefore part of our Evolutionary Path in Realigning back with the Purity of Source to reintegrate these painful fragments and release/heal/forgive them into the Now Moment and back to GOD, such that our focal point of attention can return ever more potently to the Present.  This process can happen sluggishly, through Life Lessons of hard-knocks, or it can happen more Gracefully, efficiently, and smoothly.  For the latter to occur, sometimes we require a bit of assistance beyond what we are able to muster up ourselves--ie., an Expert, Teacher, Mentor.  And one thing I feel absolutely certain about is that out of the hundreds of Modalities practiced by tens of thousands of Spiritual Teachers, Energy Healers, and Soul/Life Coaches on this planet, Tawnya Love is by far one of the most powerful ones.  Specifically, in regards to “Clearing the Gunk” from one’s energy field, mind, body, and Soul.  Personally, each and every time that I’ve received an Angelic Auric Clearing from Tawnya I feel so much Lighter & full of Joy from both an emotional standpoint and being able to remain centered that the ability to live my daily Life from my Heart & Higher Self (rather than from Ego) becomes exponentially easier--with the root of that word being EASE.  Thank you Tawnya!  -Henry

Illumination Game Day is always such a synchronistic, naturally-flowing, creative, and empowering time. The Game is an interactive process, a blend of Game board, Intuitive Card Reading, and Psychic connection for all the players.  This Game is like magnet and calls forth all souls meant to be there in that moment.  A portal and gateway for our Higher Selves to flow through.  And FUN!!! Tawnya Love is such a loving, empowering force and is an excellent facilitator and fluid speaker!  I am inspired by her emotional intelligence and compassionate, direct communication style.  She is a Goddess Leader who is in Her Power and she always empowers us to be Goddess Leaders in Our lives too.  An amazing teacher who comes from her Heart and cares to live her life by her highest dreams, and shines this light upon others.  She has truly touched my life in a healing way and I know many can say the same. You're amazing! Last night's 5-hour Women Power Session was amazing!  My brain wishes it had a recording of it all, but My Soul knows it is soaking it all in even the day after!  Much wisdom and Psychic insight is passed through the Game and mostly between us all.  We are huge lights for one another, clearing our small Ego voice and shining precise details on our life-matters at hand.  We laugh, we cry, we're Authentic, we're True and we’re Unconditional Loving & Accepting. What a Powerful, Manifesting, Intuitive way to kick off the New Year with Our Highest Dreams and SELF-LOVE!  Thank You Tawnya Love for this experience!  Much gratitude for this soul-shifting connection.  -Eileen Rose

I first started working with Tawnya Love in September of 2014. I had never considered the possibility of talking to angels and did not know about auric cleansing or angel numbers at that time. Today, I talk to the angels daily, meditate daily, love looking for signs from the angels and have a better understanding of those and many other things.  Her women’s circle and Empath Class were both very informative and inspiring.  I have also had 2 auric cleanings with Tawnya after the breakup of a long-term relationship. Previous to the first cleansing I had been crying about everything, even commercials on TV (which was not normal for me), and reached out to her about her auric clearings.  I thought I would give it a try and am so glad I did!  I had some chords that she cut to various people, places and things in my life that no longer served me. The clearing also helped me to put things in perspective, gain spiritual growth, strengthen my life path course and I stopped crying about everything! I was so happy about all of that (especially the crying part). The synchronistic things that have happened since have changed my life in such positive ways.  My mind has been opened further by the magic everywhere in the world, everyday. Knowing that we are all connected and paying attention to various signs of the angels and universe have made me feel loved.  I thank Tawnya for helping me to begin my journey and help me to grow so quickly!  She is a very caring and loving teacher, go see her today!  -Jennifer Smith

When I went to see Tawnya I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I'd been to other mediums in the past, but never experienced a cleansing.  My life has been full of a lot of emotional pain and I had been actively working on changing things around.  Taking better care of myself, eating more natural foods, controlling my alcohol, going to counseling, meditating, all helpful to becoming a more balanced and healthy soul.  Tawyna's clearing was a final piece of a puzzle for me.  It answered so many questions of why things had happened in my life and how it was all meant to be!  I felt unburdened of so much emotional gunk that had been clogging my inner being!  I know now that when I experience pain or depression, that it is temporary and it does NOT define me or make me who I am! I know that I have a PURPOSE in life and that my heart and soul will not be complete unless I surrender to Source.  I cannot tell you how many times in the last weeks since meeting Tawyna that I have been able to be still and ask my Angels for guidance, feeling calm and not anxious.  I am blessed and thankful that I had a wonderful friend recommend Tawyna to me.  -Renee

I just completed the Essence of Yoga Teacher Training summer session, and I can truly say this was much more than a truly amazing yoga training program.  I'm so glad I felt guided to sign up with Tawnya Love, because I got so much more out of it than I ever could have dreamed of.  I truly felt blessed by being around Tawnya's energy for those 3 months and I got the best of both worlds, truly personalized, excellent yoga instruction and loving guidance but also so much more, thanks to her dedication to meditation and her gift of healing--which I benefited from, time and time again, throughout the sessions. I cannot thank her enough for all that she gives and the fun and love that radiate from her are truly contagious. Best investment I've made for my body, mind and soul in ages. Sign up, you won't regret it!  Love you Tawnya!  -Anonymous

Upon meeting Tawnya, I knew she was someone to learn from.  Not only is she a kind and loving person, she has a vibration that will help you soar to new levels whether you’re aware of it or not.  In a very short period of Time she has assisted me with her kindness, gentle nudges and incredible gift of working with the Divine.  I’d like to thank her on so many levels for being the person willing to speak out and reach out to all of those who are ready to Ascend--being the loving people and living the way we all came here to live--in True Love.  Thank you Tawnya for being the role model that I needed right at this time.  I think that’s your knack.  You’re what people need when they need whatever it is that they are looking for.  Your Gifts and Courage are endless.  In True Love.  -Olivia

So, I recently had an angel aura healing with Tawnya Love.  The incredible thing about Tawnya is her incredible power and strength that was evident the moment I connected with her.  She stands in the truth of her authenticity more than anyone I have met!  She lovingly invites anyone willing to truly heal to come forward.  She is so connected with the angelic realm and ready and willing to assist in bringing forward the greatest amount of light possible in one's life!  She will never compromise her truth to bring in clientele but rather stands in the highest integrity possible to assist in bringing forward a new age of alignment for all who are called, and are ready for a shift to a higher vibration.  -Christopher Buchheit

Tawnya Love is a confident healer, who helps men and women be confident in themselves; giving them the tools they need to raise their vibration and to take their abilities as far as they want to go.  She is a Being of Light and Love; a healer; a generous and amazing soul who in all ways is the epitome of what we should all be striving to be.  She is an Angel on Earth to awaken people to be more, do more, and love more....Tawnya has a beautiful talent to teach people how to Ascend into their own greatness.  She pays it forward.  She asks for little and gives a lot; of her time, her energy, her knowledge, and her love.  I see her as a teacher, mentor, friend and soul sister. I'm a better and more powerful person for knowing her.  -K.M.

She's there…What she shares with me is complete evolution, and if she falters is able to recover gracefully and full of love, quickly...She spreads every good adjective you could put under the title heading of Love...A true friend who separates herself from no one, unless only to protect herself and send love from a distance...I have been healed, inspired, lifted up, loved and supported by this woman in my occasional dark hours of evolving through old wounds and pattern--she has been there...Thank you...She is a light and a blessing to those who need them, deserve them, and would wish for loving blessings.  -Annamarie Sork

Tawnya Love (aka Tawnya the Angel Healer) has been an incredible resource for me on my spiritual path of awakening to the highest truths in the universe. I have had the pleasure of working with her for over a year and a half and I can not speak high enough of her work. She is an incredible being of light who can assist anyone in any stage of their journey towards higher consciousness and fully embodying Christ Consciousness.  Tawnya is here to help usher in the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth and I am eternally grateful for her friendship, guidance, and constant love and support.  -Karl

I feel led to share my mentors’ words with you.  She has helped me in SO many ways to awaken from a very long holding pattern based in fear of my own light and confusion of purpose.  I have now established my true calling for my time on this world and am growing in my own power daily to bring it forth.  I speak with Truth when I say that EVERY man, woman, and child on the Planet need to embrace what she is saying, for she is a gift to this world; a beacon to bring us to what we as a people should be aspiring to be--to listen and learn, and embrace your own light!  -Karyn Mastrude

Since my Auric Clearing session with Tawnya my life has shifted in amazing and miraculous ways.  My doubts, fears and negative thoughts that once really messed with me have all cleared away.  I have experienced immediate shifts for the better within myself, my health has improved, my relationships are shifting into more loving respectful & connections, and I have even enjoyed great shifts in my personal financial abundance…True Miracles--I am so grateful for her Love and Light, and her connection with the Angelic Realm is intense and can be palpably felt.  -Jay

Wow Tawnya…..what an experience! Thank you, thank you Tawnya Love!  A big Namaste to the angels! This Auric Clearing was so helpful and so powerful. I could feel my body begin to tingle as soon as you began. I felt very calm and peaceful and my mind was very still, I haven’t felt this good in years, maybe ever. After our session I felt so much lighter and at peace. I would highly recommend everyone receive at least one Angelic Auric Clearing session with Tawnya Love and the Angels absolutely amazing! Thanks again Tawnya, you are an angel.  -Siva

Tawnya Love is a sweet, caring, loving soul, as well as a friend of mine.  We don't see each other often but always delight in seeing each other when we meet; s/he was a member of my art group.  It was always a delight to see her come thru my door and share her many God-given talents.  Aunt Bee's Home-Cooking With Friends & Family.  -Brenda King

A positive, and respectful influence to all those around her. Such a brilliant Mind with never a negative post on her wall from her fingers.  Imagine a life where we all acted that way.  Tawnya Love exercises this, walks the talk.  To live happily with exposed auras and a genuinely graceful atmosphere.  -Gene E. Thorpe, Jr.

Tawnya is a powerful shaman who will rock your world and change your consciousness permanently. Her connection with the angelic realm is impressively deep and she always works for the highest good. She is deeply intuitive, gifted, and amazing at what she does.  -B.R.

Tawnya has a gift of compassionately connecting with individuals on many levels. Her entrepreneurial spirit gives her the freedom to create from her heart space, and her leadership style is one that many gravitate toward.  When Tawnya speaks, I listen.  -Susie Reed

Tawnya has a gift of compassionately connecting with individuals on many levels. Her entrepreneurial spirit gives her the freedom to create from her heart space and her leadership style is one that many gravitate toward. When Tawnya speaks, I listen.  -S.R.

Tawnya is a confident healer who helps other women be confident in themselves; giving them the tools they need to raise their vibration and take their abilities as far as they want to go.  -Khristina McLeskey

Well, Tawnya is a great leader, and has great caring characteristics. If things went awry I would definitely want her around. She can conquer any situation; a great person.  -Bill S.