Mindful Mindfulness Mastery Meditate Meditation Training Company Corporate Business Workshop Webinar

Tawnya and William UNITED in September, 2015, with a common Passion for Spirituality & Soul Transformation.  Our Mission together is to Serve Humanity by Sharing Powerful Tools, Techniques, and Strategies for Mindfulness Mastery--the Art & Science of Mental & Emotional Stability, Fortitude, Resilience, and Inner Peace.  It is a Mission to Teach others How to Embody the Highest Version of themselves by Accessing Inner Knowingness, Intuition, Surrendered Trust in a Benevolent Universe, and Tapping-IN to Inner Wisdom.  It is to Teach the Importance of Prioritizing Self-Love such that Fulfillment Stems not from Attachment to any External Reality but rather from Knowing One's Own Connection to Source as Source--the Energy of ALL that IS. We Invite you to JOIN US on this Journey of Mindfulness-Mastery by Utilizing our Training Services offered with these Objectives in Mind.

There are presently over 15,000 companies in the United States with 500 or more employees, and WE are excited to Serve you as the 1st Husband & Wife Team to Teach Mindfulness on a Corporate-Scale.  Already, 15-20% of Fortune 500 companies (75-100+) are exposing their Employees to Mindfulness Training including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Disney, Nike, and many others--as well as multiple Professional Sports Teams such as the Seattle Seahawks (see Articles).  Why have these extremely successful organizations caught-on to this Wise Business Choice? Because Mindfulness-Training is on the Leading Edge of Business Evolution in regards to Both Personal-Growth and its corresponding increases in Team Synergy.  Join Us on this Journey of Expansion & Alignment within your Business and its All-Important Personnel!  THANK YOU.