Mindful Mindfulness Mastery Meditate Meditation Training Company Corporate Business Workshop Webinar

The more your Executive Team is in Alignment with the Highest Values of both your Company as well as with The Universe (Inner Peace & Harmony as its Natural State--LOVE), the Greater Impact your Leadership will have upon the rest of the company and its employees as a Ripple Effect of Good Energy & Positivity.  Our Mindfulness-Mastery Mentorship-Training Program is all about Activating the Potent Tools & Wisdom for the Embodiment of Mental & Emotional Mastery.  Inspiring & MIrroring KEY Information and Knowledge for Application & Integration in order to Awaken and Reveal the True Nature of Self as Divine Beings.

The Structure & Format of Mentorships are as Follows:

-3-Month, 6-Month, 9-Month, or 1-Year Service Agreement Contracts available;

-Train weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly--either Individually OR in Groups;

-Training can Be accomplished either In-Person OR Remotely.

PRICING (Subject to Change, Negotiable per Client):

-Training 1x Month @ $3,888/mo.

-Training 2x Month @ $7,777/mo.

-Training 1x Week @ $9,999/mo.

CONTACT US for additional information and Ascertain your own Company's Needs & Desires for Mindfulness-Mastery Training.  THANK YOU!