About William Barton Love

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William Barton Love was born in 1978, in Portland, Oregon, to an Athletically-Inclined Family that was heavily into Sports.  His Father played briefly in the NFL in the early '70's, and his Grandfather placed 2nd in the Indy 500 in 1962, having had a long and successful racing career.  For his part William grew-up shy, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence.  Yet Deep Within, he FELT and Knew there was a Fire of Greatness Inside that was waiting to be cultivated into its Full Potential.  He was Inspired at a young age by movies such as Top Gun, The Karate Kid, and The Matrix, as well as books such as The Inner Game of Tennis, pertaining to his Inner Knowingness that there is a Mind-Body connection which Interfaces with the Heart & Soul that can Be Developed (and Remembered) in order to Achieve One's Highest Potential both Within & Without. Not Knowing where his Desire to Expand upon this Path of Self-Development would lead, He Trusted that The Universe would Guide him along every step of the Way on the Journey.  Ultimately, this Desire to Attain Full-Potential for Success took on the Form of a Passion for Spirituality, as it became Clear that External Success at its Core is a Mirror-Reflection of Inner Success, or Relationship with Oneself.  This Includes Self-Confidence, Self-Love, and Truly Knowing Thyself as a Divine Being--a unique Droplet in the Ocean of Source-God, and Knowing that We are ALL ONE.

So, this Journey of Spiritual Growth started out with a foundation of 8-years of Jesuit Catholic education, attending Jesuit H.S. and then Santa Clara University in the South Bay Area.  This education entailed the required-curriculum of studying World Religion, and thus William received a Taste of what Unites Any & All Faiths or Religions at its Big Picture Essence, which is LOVE.  After graduating, William then embarked upon a Path of Reading Avidly a Multitude of Spiritual Books, which then led to both Directly and Indirectly studying from many different well-known & lesser-known Spiritual Teachers over the Years.  One lesson learned is that it is significantly Easier to Feel Enlightened while Isolated from other people; In other words, it is thru Relationships with others that is a True Litmus Test of Inner Work--how Gracefully One can Navigate Emotional Triggers that arise over the course of Daily Life Situations.  William thus made a Decision to focus whole-heartedly on relationships as a Primary Catalyst for Spiritual Growth.  After years of continued Growth & Spiritual Evolution, he eventually crossed paths with his Beloved Twin Flame-Soulmate, Tawnya Lynne Love.  The Law of Attraction (of similar vibration) led them to each other, and that is when their Vision of Teaching MIndfulness Mastery-Training began.