About Tawnya Lynne Love


Tawnya Lynne Love was born in 1972, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to an Air Force family (Dad) in which she traveled to different parts of the World at a young age, including Germany, England, Guam, and Alaska.  As a result of these experiences, she learned early-on the Powerful & Key Spiritual lesson of not becoming overly attached to External Reality or anything outside of herself--such as going to a particular school or being defined as having certain friends, particular teachers, neighbors, etc.  

Since Birth, Tawnya Love was Blessed with the unique Gift of Connecting to and Communicating with The Other Side--including Souls that have passed on, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and other facets of the Same Energy of Source-God and Divine Love.  She has ultimately come to the Realization that ALL of Humanity has the ability to Transcend any feelings of separation, which is an Illusion of the Ego-Mind and to begin Receiving Guidance with every-day Decision Making and Life Choices thru Going Within to the Wisdom of the Heart & Intuition of the Soul, and then Co-Creating with the Universe by Going with the Flow and Taking Inspired Action in conjunction with the Miraculous Synchronicities and Magical Coincidences of Life.

The Capacity for Quieting One's Mind from its Egoic Distractions in order to enter Intuitive Wisdom and Knowingness of the Heart and Soul, directly corresponds with Mindfulness & the ability to Live in a Meditative State of Mind.  Teaching this is Truly Tawnya's Passion and she is Honored to BE of Service.


Tawnya @ 3 Years Old in Germany....May your Inner-Child Shine BRIGHTLY!

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